Section 215-A:26

    215-A:26 OHRV Dealers and Rental Agents. –
I. Any person who is in the business of selling OHRVs shall be required to be licensed as a dealer with the executive director. The executive director shall assign a distinguishing number to the dealer and issue appropriate plates. The dealer may use the plates for pleasure purposes, but shall not rent or otherwise permit these plates to be used except for demonstration purposes in connection with the dealer's business. License numbers or plates shall be carried while the OHRV is operated.
II. Any person shall make application to the executive director to accept money or other valuable consideration for the temporary use of OHRVs provided to members of the general public. The executive director shall assign a distinguishing number to the applicant and issue appropriate decals which shall not be transferable between OHRVs owned by the rental agent and those used for rental. When renting OHRVs, any person shall be required to use rental decals, if said machine is to be used off the rentor's land.
III. The executive director or duly authorized agent may revoke a dealer or rental agent license for cause.
IV. Each dealer or rental agent shall be licensed by the fish and game department under this section and shall pay $10 for each license. All license fees collected shall be nonlapsing and continually appropriated to the fish and game department to offset the administrative costs of this section.
V. The executive director shall adopt rules pursuant to RSA 541-A relative to the application for, further definitions, licensing requirements, design of, issuance, denial or revocation of, dealer or rental agent plates or decals.

Source. 1981, 538:3. 2001, 226:5, eff. July 1, 2001.