Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping

Section 214:7-a

    214:7-a Persons over 68 Years of Age. –
I. Any resident of this state who is 68 years of age or over may make application each year, to any authorized agent of the state for the sale of freshwater fishing, hunting, or trapping licenses, for a special license to fish in freshwaters and hunt or trap, under the restrictions of this title. Such license may permit the use of a muzzleloading firearm and bow and arrow. The executive director shall set the annual fee for the special license established in this section by rule pursuant to RSA 206:10, I. Said fee shall not exceed 50 percent of the regular resident license fee for fishing in freshwaters, hunting, or trapping. The license shall be marked in such manner as the executive director may designate.
II. Those individuals holding a special license under this section as of June 30, 2015 shall be exempt from the requirement to apply for said license annually. The special license held by these individuals shall remain effective for the remainder of each individual's life, as long as the individual remains a resident of the state, unless suspended or revoked by the executive director.

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