Sale of Freshwater Fishing Bait

Section 214:34-b

    214:34-b Equipment. –
I. Traps, nets, fish houses, holding boxes or other receptacles, used to take, hold, or to keep live bait in public waters shall be plainly marked with the name and address of the owner and user.
II. Holes cut in the ice for the taking of bait shall be prominently and plainly marked by a stake, brush, or other suitable device unless it is covered by a bait house or in actual use.
III. Bait houses using draglines shall not be placed or operated within 25 feet of the bait house of another person.
IV. Bait dealers shall remove any houses from the ice over any public waters prior to ice-out. Any such bait house shall not be left on any private property for more than 7 days without a written permit from the landowner. Bait boxes, holding boxes or other receptacles, used to hold live bait in navigable waters shall be removed from such waters prior to ice-out.

Source. 1965, 347:1, eff. July 8, 1965.