Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping

Section 214:11-b

    214:11-b Requirements for Issuance of a Trapping License. –
I. No trapping license shall be issued to any resident or non-resident person unless he presents to the person authorized to issue such license either:
(a) A certificate of competency as provided by RSA 210:25; or
(b) Satisfactory proof that he has successfully completed a trapper education course in any other state, province or country which is equivalent to the course as established by RSA 210:25; or
(c) Satisfactory proof that he or she has held a trapping license issued to him or her in this state during any of the previous 3 years.
II. In addition to penalties provided for in this chapter, the executive director may require a person in violation of this section or the trapping laws of the state to take the trapper education course established in RSA 210:25 as a condition to retain or reinstate a trapping license.

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