Section 214-A:2

    214-A:2 Issuance of Licenses; License Agents; Electronic Issuance. –
I. Licenses, tags, or permits issued by the department shall be issued by the executive director or through the executive director's agents appointed under such agreements, and by the procedure and in the form, as the executive director may prescribe. Agents shall furnish information concerning fish, game, or fur-bearing animals as the executive director may require.
II. Agents of the executive director shall issue licenses, tags, or permits in accordance with the prescribed procedure and shall charge and collect the fees prescribed by law.
III. If the executive director determines that a license agent has violated any of the terms of the agreement made between the department and the license agent, the executive director may terminate the agreement upon written notice to the agent. When the violation involves the handling and remittance of state funds, the executive director may, in lieu of termination, accept from the license agent a bond from a suitable corporate surety, authorized to do business in this state, guaranteeing payment of all state funds collected as a result of licenses, tags, and permits issued by such agent for the state.
IV. If the executive director determines that a license agent is eligible for reinstatement after termination of the agreement, he or she may prescribe the terms and conditions of reinstatement of such agreement.
V. For purposes of carrying out the provisions of paragraphs III and IV, the executive director shall not be required to adopt rules pursuant to RSA 541-A.
VI. The executive director may adopt rules, pursuant to RSA 541-A, for the electronic issuance of licenses, permits, and tags under the provisions of this title, by an agent or by the department. Any such rules shall include procedures for verification of residency, the determination of sufficient proof of hunter education or other certification requirements, and any requirements of the licensee as to the use of the license, permit, or tag acquired electronically.
VI-a. Notwithstanding other provisions of law to the contrary, the executive director may permit license agents to collect from licensees an Internet transaction fee when issuing online licenses. This Internet transaction fee shall be in addition to the agent fee as provided in RSA 214-A:4. The amount of the Internet transaction fee shall be set at the discretion of the executive director.
VII. Any license agent who knowingly fails to require proof of all criteria established pursuant to RSA 214:23-a and necessary for the issuance of a license from any person shall lose the authority to issue any license for not less than one year and shall be guilty of a class B misdemeanor.

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