Propagation by Private Persons

Section 212:30-e

    212:30-e Sale of Venison Raised by Licensed Propagators. –
I. Notwithstanding the provisions of RSA 208:11, deer carcasses or venison, including the species red deer and elk (Cervus elaphus), but not including Virginia white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) raised within the state by persons holding a valid permit issued pursuant to RSA 212:25, may be possessed, bought and sold pursuant to the requirements set forth in this section.
II. The sale of Virginia white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) carcasses or venison for food shall be prohibited. Nothing in this paragraph shall prohibit the hunting or taking of Virginia white-tailed deer by a person hunting with permission on premises authorized pursuant to RSA 212:25 for the taking of Virginia white-tailed deer. The provisions of RSA 208:11 shall apply to all Virginia white-tailed deer so taken.
III. For each sale of deer carcasses or venison as permitted by this section, there shall be a bill of sale bearing the date of purchase, the species of venison, the total weight of the deer carcass or venison, the name and address of the purchaser, and the name, address and permit number of the propagator making the sale. The bill of sale shall remain with the deer carcass or venison as long as it remains in this state.
IV. The propagator making the sale shall provide bills of sale in duplicate, one copy of which shall be given to the customer, and the other copy of which shall be retained as a file copy by the propagator and shall be available for inspection by any agent of the executive director.
V. No person other than one licensed to propagate deer, including the species red deer and elk (Cervus elaphus), shall be permitted to sell deer carcasses or venison pursuant to this section; provided, however, a person who has obtained the appropriate resident or nonresident wholesaler's license described in RSA 212:30-d, III shall be permitted to purchase deer carcasses or venison pursuant to this section for resale.
VI. Any person convicted under this section shall be guilty of a violation if a natural person and guilty of a misdemeanor if any other person.

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