Section 212-A:9

    212-A:9 Conservation Programs. –
I. The executive director shall establish such programs, including acquisition of land or aquatic habitat or interests therein, as are deemed necessary for the conservation of endangered or threatened species. The executive director shall utilize all authority vested in the fish and game department to carry out the purposes of this section.
II. In carrying out programs authorized by this section the executive director shall consult with other states having a common interest in particular threatened or endangered species of wildlife and may enter into agreements with federal agencies, other states, political subdivisions of this state or private persons with respect to programs designed to conserve endangered or threatened species of wildlife including, where appropriate, agreements for administration and management if any are established under this section or utilized for conservation of endangered or threatened species of wildlife.
III. All other state departments and agencies, to the extent possible, consistent with their authorities and responsibilities, shall assist and cooperate with the executive director in the furtherance of the purposes of this chapter for the conservation of endangered or threatened species. They shall take such action as is reasonable and prudent to insure that actions authorized, funded, or carried out by them do not appreciably jeopardize the continued existence of such species or result in the destruction or modification of habitat of such species which is determined by the executive director to be critical, by requiring that all such action is designed to avoid and minimize harm to such species and habitat designated as critical. For the purpose of this statute, "appreciably jeopardize the continued existence of such species" shall be defined in rules adopted by the executive director pursuant to RSA 541-A. The provisions of RSA 212-A or any rule promulgated under this chapter shall not be applicable to a state department or agency when that state department or agency, in the process of undertaking an action, is required by federal law or regulation to address the environmental impact on wildlife or wildlife habitat, of that action.

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