Salt Water Fish, Clams, Etc.

Section 211:49-e

    211:49-e Commercial Shrimp License. –
I. Any resident of this state, or an eligible nonresident, who takes, possesses, lands, or transports northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) on the waters of this state by any method for the purpose of sale, regardless of where the catch was taken, shall first procure a valid license from the executive director to do so.
II. The fees for the northern shrimp resident and nonresident licenses shall be set by the executive director pursuant to RSA 206:10, I.
III. A nonresident shall not be eligible to obtain a commercial shrimp license unless the state in which such person is a resident provides a reciprocal licensing privilege for residents of this state.
IV. The license shall be for the operator of the boat, vessel, flotation device, or gear, and helpers.
V. Any person so licensed shall furnish to the executive director such information concerning the harvest or fishing activities for northern shrimp as the executive director may require by rule.
VI. Licensees shall be responsible for conducting their fishing activities in compliance with the rules adopted by the executive director under RSA 211:62.
VII. Any person convicted of violating any provision of this section shall be guilty of a violation if a natural person and a misdemeanor if any other person. In addition, the defendant's catch shall be confiscated and sold according to rules adopted by the executive director pursuant to RSA 541-A and the proceeds of such sale shall become the property of the New Hampshire fish and game department.
VIII. The executive director may adopt rules to establish the number of commercial shrimp licenses available under this section. The executive director may adopt rules to establish eligibility criteria for an individual to be eligible to purchase a commercial shrimp license.

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