Salt Water Fish, Clams, Etc.

Section 211:49-aa

    211:49-aa Nonresident Wholesaler License. –
I. Any person, firm, or corporation who does not qualify as a resident under RSA 207:1 or RSA 211:43 and who is engaged in a wholesale trade in any marine species shall first procure a valid license from the executive director to do so in this state. The license shall entitle the licensee to buy, sell, process, and transport any marine species in wholesale trade within the state and to ship any marine species within and outside the state. A separate extra facility license shall be required for each market, store, vehicle, or facility where such marine species are bought or sold at wholesale. A nonresident wholesale license shall not be required by a person properly licensed pursuant to RSA 211:49-a. The fees for an annual license and for each extra facility license shall be set by the executive director pursuant to RSA 206:10, I. A copy of the license shall be carried in each vehicle and displayed at all facilities.
II. No person, firm, or corporation, whose ship, vessel, or similar craft is within the territorial waters of this state shall engage in the processing or wholesale trade of any marine species, excluding northern shrimp, lobster, and crabs, without first procuring a license under this section.
III. The license under this section shall not entitle a person, firm, or corporation to transport on state waters lobsters and crabs or northern shrimp taken outside the jurisdiction of the state via ship, vessel, or similar craft for the purposes of landing the lobsters and crabs in the state as permitted under RSA 211:49-d and the northern shrimp in this state under RSA 211:49-e.

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