Lobsters and Crabs

Section 211:38-a

    211:38-a Lobster Tail Permit. –
I. Any person who is licensed to engage in the wholesale trade of marine species in accordance with RSA 211:49-c may engage in the processing of lobster tails after procuring from the executive director a lobster tail permit. The lobster tail permit authorizes the licensee to remove a lobster tail from a legal sized lobster, as defined in RSA 211:27, I and II, and process that shell-on whole and intact lobster tail. No lobster greater than the maximum legal length as described in RSA 211:27, III shall be used for lobster tail processing. Processing shall only be conducted at the one location or place of business which is listed on the lobster tail permit. All containers in which shell-on lobster tails are packed to be sold, shipped, or transported must be clearly labeled with the name, address, and permit number of the packer along with a description of the product.
II. The executive director may adopt rules relative to the taking, inspection, and processing of lobster necessary for implementation and enforcement of this section in accordance with RSA 211:62 and which may also include rules for determining that lobster tails processed under this section were removed from legal-sized lobsters and other provisions as may be necessary.
III. Measurements for the purpose of inspection shall consist of removal of the cooked meat intact from the lobster tail section and measured to ascertain conformity with size restrictions as specified in RSA 211:27, II.

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