Lobsters and Crabs

Section 211:37

    211:37 Prohibition. – If a conservation officer informs a person that his boat, automobile, truck, or any motor vehicle, wharf, dock or landing or contents thereof are about to be inspected, it is unlawful for the person to throw or dump or cause to be thrown or dumped from any boat, automobile, truck or other motor vehicle, dock, wharf, or landing, or destroy or cause to be destroyed any fish, lobsters, crabs, shellfish, or any pot, trap, car, contrivance, bag, box or other receptacle used for storing or catching lobsters or crabs, or the contents thereof, or any article or thing, or to cut loose any article or thing which may be attached to the boat, automobile, truck or any other motor vehicle, dock, wharf, or landing prior to the inspection. Any person who refuses or attempts to refuse to stand by for such inspection is guilty of a misdemeanor. The executive director shall suspend the license of the person for not less than one year. Any lobsters or crabs thrown or dumped or caused to be thrown or dumped in violation of this section are prima facie evidence that these lobsters or crabs were taken in violation of these statutes. A person is guilty of a violation for each lobster or crab which is thrown or dumped contrary to this section.

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