Lobsters and Crabs

Section 211:19-a

    211:19-a Rye Harbor, Prohibition. –
I. The taking of lobsters and crabs in Rye Harbor by any person is forbidden. No lobster or crab trap buoys may be placed in the harbor or the approach channel to the harbor. A fisherman has 24 hours to remove his or her gear from restricted areas after an authorized enforcement officer makes a verbal request to the fisherman to remove said gear. An extension may be granted in the case of rough seas or thick fog.
II. State conservation officers and persons appointed by the Pease development authority, division of ports and harbors shall enforce the provisions of this section, and may remove gear from the restricted area if the verbal request authorized in paragraph I of this section is ignored.
III. Rye Harbor as used in this section means the area below high water mark inside the northeast and southwest breakwater on the seashore at Rye, and an area west of an imaginary line beginning 200 feet seaward from the day marker on the northeast jetty on the northeast boundary of the channel and running northeasterly at right angles to the northeast boundary of the channel to Ragged Neck point. The harbor master may designate and buoy at his discretion a channel, at least 100 feet wide, running from the jetties at the harbor entrance to a point in the vicinity of the whistling buoy. Said channel as designated shall be the approach channel to Rye Harbor.
IV. Any person who violates any provision of this section shall be guilty of a violation and his license to trap lobsters shall be suspended for a minimum of 30 days.

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