Section 210:8

    210:8 Sealing and Sale of Skins. –
I. It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, give away, buy, possess, accept as a gift, offer for transportation, or transport raw skins or unskinned carcasses of any fur-bearing animal unless such skin or carcass bears an official New Hampshire fish and game department tag or seal. The executive director may adopt rules under RSA 541-A exempting any species of fur-bearing animal from the requirements of this section.
II. Nothing herein shall prohibit the transportation or possession of raw pelts or unskinned fur-bearing animals or coyotes when accompanied by the hunter or trapper or designee specified in writing with the signature of the licensed hunter or trapper.
III. All skins as specified in paragraph I shall be presented to a conservation officer, he shall tag or seal the same if legally taken. Such skins shall be presented for tagging or sealing during the open season in which they are caught or within 10 days after the closing of the open season thereof.
IV. Any of the skins as specified in paragraph I that come into this state in any manner from any other state, country or province shall bear the official tag or seal of such other state, country, or province.
V. If any of the skins as specified in paragraph I come into this state from another state, country, or province and said state, country, or province does not require an official tag or seal, the person possessing such skins shall have said skins tagged or sealed within 3 days of entrance into this state in accordance with this section, or the person shall possess an itemized bill of sale and said bill of sale shall be produced for inspection upon the request of any law enforcement officer.
VI. As a prerequisite of tagging or sealing, the executive director may require that the skinned carcasses of certain fur-bearing animals, or the skinned carcasses of coyotes be turned over to the fish and game department for analysis. The executive director shall notify all licensed trappers and hunters in advance of the opening of the season of the species of fur-bearers to be turned over to the department.

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