Traps, Spring Guns, and Snares

Section 210:18

    210:18 Damage to Domestic Animals. –
I. Any person causing injury or damage to domestic animals, except for dogs at large pursuant to RSA 466:33, by the aid or use of traps shall be liable to the owner therefor. An injury to a licensed dog at large shall be reported to the town or city listed on the dog's tag, and to the owner of the dog if identifiable.
II. Any person engaged in the act of trapping in violation of the laws or rules governing trapping under this title resulting in the death of a domestic animal shall be guilty of a violation. Upon conviction, and in addition to any other penalty, the person's trapping license shall be revoked for a period up to 3 years. Prior to the restoration of such person's ability to apply for a license or permit to trap, the person shall show successful completion of a trapping education program pursuant to RSA 210:25.

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