Traps, Spring Guns, and Snares

Section 210:13

    210:13 Visiting Traps. – Notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, a person shall visit his or her traps at least once in each calendar day, provided, however, that a person trapping for beaver through the ice during the open season therefor, shall visit his or her traps once in each 72 hours. Trappers shall be permitted to use artificial lights during the hours of darkness to facilitate the checking of traps under this section, subject to the following restrictions: no person shall check traps at night by the use of a rifle, revolver, or pistol larger than a .22 caliber long rifle, or air rifle larger than .25 caliber, or by use of shotgun shells carrying shot larger than number 4 birdshot; and checking traps by the use of lights from a motor vehicle shall be prohibited. Only a person whose name is either stamped or engraved on the traps or on a durable tag securely affixed to the traps shall have the authority to tend the traps. In case of an emergency, the owner of the traps may grant written permission to another duly licensed trapper to tend the traps.

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