Section 208:6-a

    208:6-a Special Hunting Areas for Certain Disabled Persons. – Notwithstanding the provisions of RSA 208:2, relating to the taking of deer upon islands, the executive director may designate in accordance with this section one or more islands and other designated areas, other than islands, upon which deer may be taken by paraplegics, persons suffering from the loss of, or use of, both lower extremities or persons confined to wheelchairs. An eligible person desiring to take advantage of the privilege afforded by this section, may, if properly licensed under the provisions of this title to take deer, apply to the executive director, at least 15 days before the beginning of the open season for deer, as prescribed in RSA 208:2, requesting authorization to hunt upon islands or other designated areas which the executive director in the executive director's discretion has determined to have an overpopulation of deer for the vegetation available upon the island or area. In granting these special licenses under this section, the executive director should bear in mind the physical limitations of those eligible under this section to hunt, and the relative difficulty such persons would have in gaining access to the area designated. Additionally, the executive director should consider the number of applications, and in the executive director's discretion limit the number of special licenses issued for any designated area, to prevent reduction of deer below desirable limits. Licenses issued under the provisions of this section shall be good only in the area specified upon such license or permit. The executive director may adopt rules governing the conduct of persons accompanying or assisting eligible persons. Permission granted under this section shall be evidenced by a permit or license in a form prescribed and issued by the executive director.

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