Section 208:3

    208:3 Taking; Mode. –
Wild deer shall not be taken by the use of a firearm, other than a pistol as permitted in RSA 208:3-d, a shotgun loaded with a single ball or loose buckshot, muzzle-loading rifle, bow and arrow, or crossbow as provided in RSA 208:7-a, in the towns of the following counties as follows:
I. Belknap County: Laconia; Meredith Neck-that part from the Meredith Center Harbor line to Pleasant Street south and east of state route 25.
II. Hillsborough County: Amherst; Bedford; Brookline; Goffstown; Hollis; Hudson; Litchfield; Manchester; Merrimack; Milford; Nashua; Pelham.
III. Merrimack County: Concord; Hooksett-that part lying from the town line of Allenstown, on the westerly side of U.S. No. 3, to a point where the old Portsmouth Railroad crosses said highway, thence south of said Railroad to the town line of Candia; Pembroke-that part lying southwesterly of the following line: Starting at the Concord town line at Red bridge on Rt. 106, south to Burrough Road, thence easterly on Burrough road to Fourth Range Road, thence southerly on Fourth Range road to Dudley Hill Road, south on Dudley Hill Road to Buck Street, northeast on Buck Street to Rt. 28, South on Rt. 28 to the Allenstown town line.
IV. Rockingham County: Atkinson; Brentwood; Danville; Derry; East Kingston; Exeter; Fremont; Hampstead; Hampton; Hampton Falls; Kensington; Kingston; Londonderry; New Castle; Newfields; Newmarket; Newton; North Hampton; Plaistow; Rye; Salem; Sandown; Seabrook; South Hampton; Windham.
V. Strafford County: Durham; Lee; Madbury; Dover; Rollinsford; Somersworth.

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