Black Bear

Section 208:22

    208:22 Wild Black Bear. –
I. The executive director, with the consent of the commission, shall adopt rules, pursuant to RSA 541-A, relative to opening and closing the seasons for the taking of wild black bear, fixing the number of wild black bear that may be taken and any other conditions governing the methods and manner of taking and reporting of the same. The authority of the executive director as granted by this section may be exercised with reference to the state as a whole or for any specified county or part of a county. Dog training shall be permitted in accordance with RSA 207:12-a.
II. No bear shall be taken at any time on any island or in any waters, lakes or ponds.
III. Dogs shall not be trained or used for taking bear from baited areas after a date as determined by the executive director in a rule adopted pursuant to RSA 541-A.
IV. [Repealed.]
V. Wild black bear may be taken by the aid and use of dogs, as permitted pursuant to RSA 208:22, I; by firearms; by crossbow; or by bow and arrow of at least 40 pound pull. No person shall take bear by the aid or use of a jack or artificial light, trap, snare, or set gun or .22 or smaller caliber rimfire firearm, unless otherwise provided in this section.
VI. Any person who kills a wild bear pursuant to this section shall report the kill in accordance with rules adopted under RSA 208:22, I.
VII. Landowners or their agents may set traps for bear doing actual or substantial damage to property. Such trapping shall only be permitted after the executive director or an agent of the executive director has been notified of damage and has investigated the complaint. The executive director or agent may then issue a special permit for the use of traps. The permit shall state the location of traps and the dates when trapping shall be allowed. Any traps set as described in this paragraph shall be arranged and set in accordance with RSA 210:15.
VIII. [Repealed.]
IX. (a) Whoever violates the provisions of paragraphs I, II, III, and VI shall, if a natural person, be guilty of a violation, and any other person shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, except that any person who exceeds the bag limit as determined pursuant to RSA 208:22, I shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
(b) Whoever violates the provisions of paragraphs V, VII, VIII, and X shall, if a natural person, be guilty of a misdemeanor, and any other person shall be guilty of a felony.
X. [Repealed.]

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