Deer Tags

Section 208:16

    208:16 Use of Deer Tag. –
I. The holder of a license to hunt under RSA 214:9, I, III, VI, VII, and RSA 208:5 shall be provided with a deer tag attached to the license. The holder of a license shall, upon killing a deer, fill out and detach the deer tag from the license and then securely attach to the deer or carcass the deer tag bearing the name and address of the licensee. The deer tag shall remain attached to the deer or carcass thereof as long as the deer or carcass remains in the state, and the owner shall be entitled to transport it or have it transported as provided in RSA 208:12 and 13.
II. Only the deer tag issued to the licensee who killed the deer shall be attached to that deer carcass.
III. No person shall possess a deer tag that was not issued to that person.
IV. No person shall attach a deer tag to a deer the person did not kill.
V. No person shall possess a detached deer tag which has been validated, during the open season for deer, unless the validated deer tag is attached to a deer or its carcass as provided in this section. Any person who violates the provisions of this paragraph shall, if a natural person, be guilty of a violation, and any other person shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

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