Transportation of Deer

Section 208:14

    208:14 Special Permit. –
I. Any transportation of deer not covered in RSA 208:12 and 13 shall be allowed only under the terms of a special permit, signed by the executive director or an agent of the executive director, except that a person under 16 years of age, hunting without a license but accompanied by a licensee 18 years of age or over or a person with a valid hunting license issued pursuant to RSA 214:7-a or RSA 214:9-c or a bow and arrow license issued pursuant to RSA 214:9-cc, or a resident landowner pursuant to RSA 214:2, may transport a deer killed by such person, by identifying it with a tag bearing such person's name, residence, and the date taken.
II. Any person needing a special permit shall notify a conservation officer within 24 hours of the taking of the deer.
III. No person described in this section shall possess or transport a deer without a special permit or deer tag attached. This paragraph shall not apply to the 24 hour period allowed in paragraph II, and thereafter, if such person has notified a conservation officer as required in paragraph II.

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