Transportation of Deer

Section 208:13

    208:13 Transportation by Nonresidents. – The holder of a nonresident hunting license may transport within the state or from a point within the state to a point outside the state, a deer legally taken by the nonresident, when accompanied by such nonresident and to which the deer tag has been attached as provided in RSA 208:16 and also to which the registration seal has been attached. If the deer or carcass is placed in the custody of a licensed common carrier, it shall in addition to the deer tag and registration seal have attached another tag plainly marked with the name of the consignor, the name of the consignee, the point of shipment, and the destination. The agent of the common carrier shall see that the deer tag attached to the deer or carcass bears the same number as written on the license by the issuing license agent.

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