Wildlife Damage Control

Section 207:22-a

    207:22-a Limitations for Persons Posting Property. –
I. Any person whose land is posted pursuant to RSA 635:4 to prohibit hunting shall forfeit the right to participate in the wildlife damage control program established pursuant to RSA 207:22-c, or to receive payment pursuant to RSA 207:23-a, except that this limitation shall not apply in the following circumstances:
(a) To a person who posts only the person's land lying within 100 yards of a dwelling or other farm or outbuildings contiguous to the person's dwelling and used regularly by the person, or the person's family or tenant.
(b) To any person whose land is posted for the protection of crops only during the closed season for the type of game birds or animals for which the person seeks assistance from the wildlife damage control program.
(c) To any person who posts such person's land "Hunting by Permission Only", provided that the names and addresses of the hunters who have received permission to hunt that land in that year shall be furnished when requested by the executive director, and that in the judgment of the executive director, the history of hunter access and hunter density represents a good-faith effort by the landowner to allow hunting.
II. Any person who has received payment pursuant to RSA 207:23-a shall forfeit the right to receive payment in a future year or growing season unless such person implements measures to prevent or mitigate future conflicts with bear that have been recommended in writing by the executive director or the executive director's agent.

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