Executive Director

Section 206:8

    206:8 How Chosen; Term; Compensation, and Duties Generally. –
I. The commission, following a comprehensive and equitable search, shall nominate, and the governor and council shall appoint, an executive director of the fish and game department. If the governor and council fail to appoint the nominee, the commission shall nominate another person. Each nominee shall be a person with knowledge of, and experience in, the requirements for the protection, conservation and restoration of the wildlife resources of the state and shall be a competent administrator. The executive director shall hold office for a term of 4 years from the date of appointment. A vacancy in such office shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term. The governor and council shall have the authority to remove the executive director at any time, but only for just cause pursuant to RSA 4:1. In such case, the governor and council shall deliver to the executive director a copy of the charges and afford an opportunity of being heard publicly in person or by counsel after being given not less than 15 days notice. The executive director shall not hold any other public office, and shall be entirely devoted to the service of the state in the discharge of the official duties of the position. The executive director shall receive the compensation prescribed in RSA 94:1-4, and shall be reimbursed for all actual and necessary traveling and other expenses incurred in the discharge of official duties. Before entering upon the duties of the office, the executive director shall take the oath prescribed by the constitution, and shall, in addition thereto, swear that no other public office is held nor any position under any political committee or party is held. Such oath shall be filed with the secretary of state. The executive director shall have general supervision and control of all activities, functions, and employees of the fish and game department, and shall enforce all the provisions of the laws of this state relating to fish, wildlife resources, and marine species, and shall exercise all necessary powers incident thereto.
I-a. [Repealed.]
II. Whenever reference is made in the Revised Statutes Annotated or in any other state statute to the director of fish and game department, it shall be construed to mean the executive director of the fish and game department.
III. The commission shall have the authority to appoint an acting director in the event that the executive director's position becomes vacant during the term of office due to retirement, resignation, or prolonged illness, death, or for any other just cause, until the governor and council appoint a new executive director as provided in paragraph I.

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