Fish and Game Fund

Section 206:34

    206:34 Fines. –
I. The court or justice of any court in which a complaint for a violation of any law or rule relating to fish, game, fur-bearing animals, or marine species, or any complaint brought by an employee of the fish and game department for any violation of RSA 215-A or RSA 215-C, is prosecuted shall, within 30 days after any fine or forfeiture is paid, remit the amount thereof to the executive director; provided, however, that from each fine collected by a municipal or district court, there shall be deducted $10 and 20 percent of that part of the fine which exceeds $10, and the same shall be disposed of as provided in RSA 502:14 or RSA 502-A:8.
II. [Repealed.]
III. Any person charged with a violation of any provision of RSA title XVIII, excluding any offense for which the penalty is a misdemeanor or felony, may plead guilty or nolo contendere by mail by entering a plea as provided in RSA 502-A:19-b. If the plea is accepted by the court, the defendant shall not be required to appear as directed by the court.

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