Fish and Game Fund

Section 206:34-b

    206:34-b Game Management Account Established; Report. –
I. The state treasurer shall establish a separate nonlapsing account within the fish and game fund, to be known as the game management account. Each month the department shall determine the number of licenses, applications, or permits sold for moose, bear, turkey, and waterfowl and, for each, transfer $10 to the game management account. The moneys in this account shall be used exclusively for the implementation of a comprehensive population and habitat management program, including research and management, protection, education, and outreach for game as defined in RSA 207:1, IX, fur-bearing animals as defined in RSA 207:1, VIII, and migratory game birds as defined in RSA 209:5 to include waterfowl, snipe, and woodcock. Funds in the game management account are hereby continually appropriated for said purposes. Said funds shall be expended for the purposes of this section as determined by the executive director with approval of the commission.
II. The state treasurer shall segregate the moneys credited to the game management account and invest these funds to obtain the highest possible return on such investment until such funds are required to be expended exclusively for the purposes specified in paragraph I. Interest received on investments shall be credited to the account.
III. The executive director shall submit a report annually by October 1 to the chairpersons of the house and senate standing committees having jurisdiction over the fish and game department on the status of game populations in the state and a summary of expenditures made from the game management account.

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