Fish and Game Fund

Section 206:33-f

    206:33-f Environmental Review Fees. –
I. The executive director may charge a fee for the review of proposed projects which may adversely impact wildlife, including threatened or endangered species of wildlife, if such review is requested by a project developer, either public or private, regardless of whether such request is received before or after an application is submitted to any permitting agency.
II. The fees established by this section shall be designed to recover a reasonable portion of the costs of:
(a) Reviewing, assessing, and monitoring the impacts to wildlife of a proposed project;
(b) Reviewing and assessing research, sampling, or modeling protocols to be implemented either prior to or after the completion of a project; and
(c) Formulating recommendations designed to avoid, minimize, and/or mitigate any potential adverse impacts of a project on wildlife.
III. Fees shall be fixed in a schedule prepared and revised as necessary by the executive director, and established in rules adopted pursuant to RSA 541-A. Such schedule may differentiate among different classes of projects based on the intensity of the requisite review by the department.
IV. All moneys received under this section shall be deposited into the fish and game fund established under RSA 206:33 and used solely for the purposes set forth in RSA 206:34-a.
V. Receipt of the fees established by this section shall be a prerequisite for any environmental review undertaken by the department. Any permit or certificate dependent on the environmental review undertaken by the department shall be invalid until the fees assessed under this section are paid in full.

Source. 2015, 186:33, eff. July 1, 2015.