Executive Director

Section 206:18

    206:18 Release of Information. –
I. The executive director of fish and game may, at any time he or she deems advisable, release any information related to the stocking of fish to include but not be limited to: the species, number, size of fish, or the name of the stream, pond, or lake stocked, but in no instance shall any employee of the fish and game department, except for a designee of the executive director, disclose where or when they were or will be stocked. The executive director may penalize any employee who violates the provisions of this section as he or she deems reasonable and just.
II. The provisions of this section shall not apply to the release of information to persons or organizations assisting or cooperating with the fish and game department and its personnel in the stocking of such fish pursuant to agreements authorized by the executive director of the fish and game department.
III. The state of New Hampshire, the fish and game department, and their agents and employees are hereby released from any liability, claims, or demands relating to any loss, damage, or injury, however extreme, resulting from or incidental to such stocking.

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