High Schools

Section 194:27-a

    194:27-a Tuition Liability for Nongraduating Pupils. – A pupil who has attended a high school, or schools of corresponding grades, for such time as is usually required and who has not been graduated may be required to certify to the school board of the district liable for the pupil's tuition that he will make the effort required to profit from his attendance before he is entitled to any further tuition payments on his behalf. The school board of the district liable for tuition for any such pupil may refuse tuition for such pupil when it has been determined that such pupil is grossly neglecting his school work. A decision of the board to refuse tuition under such circumstances stands, subject only to review by the state board of education. The decision of the state board of education is binding and final on both the district and the pupil. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent a school board from making tuition payments beyond the time usually required for the completion of a high school program if in the board's judgment it is desirable to extend the educational opportunity for a pupil.

Source. 1969, 356:9, eff. July 1, 1969.