High Schools

Section 194:23-f

    194:23-f High School Student as School Board Member. –
The provisions of this section shall apply only to high schools located in a school district in which the school board has voted to have a nonvoting student member pursuant to RSA 189:1-c.
I. In addition to the school board members authorized in RSA 671:4, a high school shall select, in accordance with the directives of paragraph II and the provisions of RSA 189:1-c, one or more students from among its members to be nonvoting members of the school board for the district in which the high school is located. A student member shall have all the rights of a regular school board member regarding school board business except the right to vote.
II. A student board member shall be chosen by a simple majority vote of the high school student body. The student government of the high school shall establish procedures for the nomination and election of candidates. The student government shall also establish a procedure for any public high school student in the school district to petition a student board member to present proposals and opinions to the school board.
III. A student board member shall serve for a term of one year. The school board shall decide the date at which the term shall begin. Any student who will graduate during the term's duration is not eligible to be a candidate and is not eligible to vote. The student government of the high school shall establish a procedure for filling any vacancy that may occur in this position. A student board member shall serve without pay.
IV. The duties of a student school board member shall include:
(a) Attending all school board meetings except as specified in paragraph V;
(b) Representing all public high school students within the district;
(c) Presenting to the school board specific proposals and opinions from students as directed in paragraph II; and, when appropriate, placing proposals on the school board agenda in accordance with the board procedures;
(d) Serving as a liaison between students and the principal, other faculty, student government advisors, and appropriate outside agencies;
(e) Keeping public high school students informed of the business of the school board.
V. A student school board member shall be excluded from discussions and procedures of the school board involving subjects which are confidential under RSA 91-A.

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