Unique Pupil Identification

Section 193-E:4

    193-E:4 Definitions. –
In this subdivision:
I. "Commissioner" means the commissioner of the department of education.
II. "Data warehouse" means the electronic system operated by the department of education that maintains the information about pupils as set forth in RSA 193-E:3, I, VI, and VII. The data warehouse shall not contain the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, social security number, or any other personally identifiable information about any pupil.
III. "District" means a New Hampshire public school district or a district outside of New Hampshire educating publicly funded New Hampshire pupils.
IV. "District of origin" means the district in which the pupil resides at the point at which the pupil first enters the New Hampshire educational system, whether in an early childhood program, district, or postsecondary education level.
V. "Early childhood program" means a preschool or childcare program receiving Head Start or child care scholarship funds, whether licensed or exempt from licensing, or a preschool program operated by a district. Early childhood programs not operated by a district shall report data only for pupils for which Head Start or child care scholarship funds are received.
VI. "Postsecondary institution" means the university system of New Hampshire or the community college system of New Hampshire.
VII. "Random number generator" means the electronic system that creates unique pupil identification numbers and assigns a unique pupil identification number to a pupil when an early childhood program, a district, or a postsecondary institution enters a pupil's name, date of birth, town of birth, and gender. The system shall maintain that information and the name of the district of origin, and no other information. This system shall not retain the unique pupil identification number.
VIII. "Unique pupil identifier" means a randomly generated number assigned to an early childhood program pupil, a district pupil, or postsecondary institution pupil in order to gather pupil level data.
IX. "Unique pupil identification system" means an electronic system comprised of the data warehouse and the random number generator.

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