Section 193-E:3-d

    193-E:3-d Performance-Based School Accountability System; Verification Process. – Prior to the submission of the final report pursuant to RSA 193-E:3-c, IV, the department shall undertake a process to verify and test the integrity, accuracy, and validity of the performance-based accountability system utilizing the best available data from one school from each of the counties in the state. The commissioner shall ensure, to the greatest extent possible, that the verification process utilizes the best available data from a balance of elementary and secondary schools representing diverse socioeconomic conditions throughout the state. The commissioner shall work with school officials and faculty from the selected schools to implement the performance-based school accountability program and to develop a data collection system which will allow schools to easily report results to the department for analysis and reporting. The commissioner shall review and make recommendations regarding the performance-based accountability system to ensure that the system adequately measures the goals and indicators associated with student academic achievement and growth.

Source. 2009, 198:1, eff. July 14, 2009. 2018, 352:3, eff. Aug. 31, 2018.