Licensing of Dogs

Section 466:9

    466:9 Payment of Fees. –
I. Clerks of the towns and cities shall issue dog licenses, receive the money for the licenses, and pay the same into the treasuries of their respective towns and cities on or before June 1 each year, retaining to their own use $1 for each license and submitting $.50 for each license to the department of agriculture, markets, and food for the purpose specified in paragraph II. The clerks shall return to their respective town or city treasurer a sworn statement of the amount of moneys thus received and paid over by them.
II. The $.50 received by the department of agriculture, markets, and food for each license issued pursuant to paragraph I shall be credited to a special nonlapsing fund to be used exclusively for the operation of the veterinary diagnostic laboratory established under RSA 436:92, and are hereby continually appropriated for such purpose to be expended under the supervision of the commissioner of agriculture, markets, and food.

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