Licensing of Dogs

Section 466:6

    466:6 Group Licenses. –
I. The owner or keeper of 5 or more dogs shall annually by April 30 pay the required fee and obtain a license authorizing the owner or keeper to keep the dogs upon the premises described in the license, or off the premises while under such owner's or keeper's control. Such owner or keeper shall not be required to obtain a "commercial kennel" license under RSA 466:4, III unless such person has a commercial kennel as defined under RSA 466:4, III.
II. No town clerk shall refuse to issue a group license to an owner or keeper who has complied with the requirements of this subdivision.
III. The fee shall be $20 for the group license, $2 of which shall be remitted to the town clerk for deposit into the companion animal neutering fund, established in RSA 437-A:4-a, as the companion animal population control fee, and $18 shall be retained by the town or municipality.
IV. No fee shall be required for dogs which are under the age of 3 months.
V. Upon request, an owner or keeper shall receive numbered license tags for each dog included under the owner's or keeper's group license.

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