Guard Dogs in Commercial Establishments

Section 466:50

    466:50 Registration Requirements. –
Prior to approval of the registration of any guard dog, the custodian shall provide to the local law enforcement authority satisfactory proof of the following:
I. That the premises to be guarded by the guard dog has sufficient restraining devices, such as fences or walls, to prevent access by the public during the periods that the guard dog is used to protect the premises from unauthorized entry or the escape by the guard dog from the enclosed premises.
II. That the guard dog shall be treated and maintained in a humane manner whether or not the dog is on guard duty.
III. That the custodian has liability insurance for each dog of not less than $100,000 to protect the general public, in the event the guard dog eludes confinement and attacks and injures a person on public or private property.
IV. That the guard dog has been properly licensed pursuant to RSA 466:4.
V. That the premises to be guarded by a guard dog shall be properly posted to warn the general public with sufficient number of signs as may be required by the local law enforcement authority.

Source. 1985, 29:2, eff. June 8, 1985.