Licensing of Dogs

Section 466:4

    466:4 Fees. –
I. (a) The fee for every license for a year or portion of a year shall be:
(1) $4.50 for dogs at least 4 months old but less than 7 months old which are not spayed or neutered and $4.50 for a neutered male or spayed female dog 7 months old or older; provided, however, that the owner or keeper of such spayed female dog or neutered male dog shall comply with the provisions of RSA 466:1-a to the satisfaction of the clerk of the town or city in which such dog is owned or kept; or
(2) $7 for any unneutered male or unspayed female dog 7 months old or older.
(b) In addition to the sum required in subparagraphs I(a)(1) and (2), each year the owner of each dog shall pay the clerk of the city or town where the dog is registered a companion animal population control fee of $2.
(c) The clerk shall remit all companion animal population control fees collected to the state treasurer along with the fees sent in accordance with RSA 466:9, provided that such companion animal population control fees shall be deposited into the companion animal neutering fund, established in RSA 437-A:4-a.
II. Notwithstanding paragraph I, the fee for every license for a year or a portion of a year shall be $2 for a dog of either sex if the owner is 65 years of age or older. Such owner shall not be required to pay the companion animal population control fee, under RSA 466:4, I(b), for licensing of one dog; provided, however, that, if such owner wishes to license more than one dog, the fee for any additional license shall be as provided in paragraph I.
III. Fees for dogs licensed in a commercial kennel shall be based on the numbers of dogs licensed, as in RSA 466:6 for group licenses. For purposes of this paragraph, "commercial kennel" means the establishment or domicile of any person who sells dogs at wholesale or retail; and, if retail, who sells or transfers 10 or more litters per year, or sells or transfers 50 or more puppies per year; or who derives 40 percent or more of gross annual income from the sale or transfer of dogs. The owner or keeper of any dog licensed under this paragraph shall not be assessed a companion animal population control fee.

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