Section 454-C:1

    454-C:1 Index of Liens. –
I. The secretary of state shall maintain a consolidated index of certain liens affecting personal property and filed with the secretary of state and city and town clerks. The liens to be included in the index are as follows:
(a) Federal tax liens (RSA 454-B);
(b) State tax liens (RSA 21-J:28-c);
(c) Aircraft registration fee liens (RSA 450:4);
(d) Writs of attachment (RSA 511:23 and RSA 511-A:5);
(e) Child support liens (RSA 461-A:14);
(f) Housing finance authority liens (RSA 204-C:19);
(g) Hazardous waste liens (RSA 147-B:10-b);
(h) Employment security liens (RSA 282-A:143 __ampersand__ 165);
(i) State Food Security Act liens (RSA 439);
(j) [Repealed.]
(k) Road toll liens (RSA 260:63); and
(l) Creditor's bill liens (RSA 498:14).
II. The index shall include the following information with regard to each such lien, or any full release thereof:
(a) Name and address of every debtor;
(b) Name and address of first-listed lienor;
(c) Type of lien and statutory authority;
(d) Location of filing of lien;
(e) Date and time of filing of lien or full release; and
(f) File number, if any.

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