Chapter 451-A

Section 451-A:1

    451-A:1 For Work. – Any person who maintains an establishment for repair on radio or television equipment, who shall at his establishment or repair shop alter, repair or do any work on any such equipment at the request of the owner or legal possessor of such property shall have a lien upon and may retain the possession of any such article until the charges for such alteration, repairing or other work have been paid.

Source. 1959, 170:1, eff. Aug. 24, 1959.

Section 451-A:2

    451-A:2 Sale to Satisfy. – If such lien remains undischarged for a period of 60 days after work has been completed, the lienholder may sell such article at private or public sale, and the proceeds, after first paying the expense of the sale, shall be applied in payment of the debt, the balance, if any, to be paid over to the county treasurer of the county where the sale is held, in trust for the debtor.

Source. 1959, 170:1, eff. Aug. 24, 1959.

Section 451-A:3

    451-A:3 Notice to Debtor. – Before any such sale is held, notice in writing of the amount due and the time and place of sale shall be given the debtor. If the debtor's residence is known, such notice shall be mailed to him 14 days before the sale. If the debtor's address is unknown, such notice shall be given by posting the same in the county courthouse or the city or town hall where the lienholder resides, 30 days before the sale.

Source. 1959, 170:1, eff. Aug. 24, 1959.