Section 450-A:5

    450-A:5 Abandoned Boats, Vessels, or Vessel and Boat Motors. – Any person who maintains a public boatyard, marine dealership or the like shall have a lien for rental and other reasonable charges for any vessel, boat, or vessel or boat motor abandoned on his premises, so long as the same shall remain in his possession. Such person shall, after a vessel, boat, or vessel or boat motor remains unclaimed after a period of 30 days, within 10 days after the expiration of that period, report the same as unclaimed to the nearest police station on a form prescribed by the department of safety. After reporting same, if such vessel, boat, or vessel or boat motor shall have been abandoned for a period of 90 days, said person may sell the same at his place of business at public auction for cash. The owner of the same may reclaim the same before its sale by paying the charges incurred, and the person selling same shall post notice of such sale at 2 or more public places in the town where the property is stored, 14 days at least prior to the sale. The balance of the proceeds of sale, if any, after payment of the amounts of the liens for said abandonment and the reasonable expenses incident to the sale shall be paid to the owner of such vessel, boat, or vessel or boat motor or his legal representative if claimed at any time within one year from the date of such sale. If such balance shall not be claimed within said period, it shall be paid into the state treasury for the use of the state.

Source. 1977, 349:1, eff. July 1, 1977.