Section 439:3

    439:3 Duties of Secretary of State. –
I. The secretary of state or his or her designee shall develop and implement a central indexing system containing the information filed pursuant to RSA 439:2. Under this system the secretary of state shall record the date and time of filing and compile the information into a master list organized according to farm products. The list shall be organized within each farm product category in alphabetical order according to the last name of the borrower (or, in the case of borrowers doing business other than as individuals, the first word in the name of such borrower), in numerical order according to the social security or taxpayer identification number of the borrower, geographically by county, and by crop year. The master list shall also contain the name and address of the secured party, the name and address of the borrower, a description of the farm products, including amount where applicable, subject to the security interest, and a reasonable description of the real estate, including the county, where the farm products are located.
II. The secretary of state shall maintain a list of all buyers of farm products, commission merchants, and selling agents who register with the secretary of state indicating an interest in receiving the lists described in paragraph III. The fee for such registration shall be $100 annually.
III. The secretary of state shall distribute, on a regular basis to be determined by the secretary of state, to each buyer, commission merchant, and selling agent registered under paragraph II a copy in written or printed form of those portions of the master list which the buyer, commission merchant, or selling agent has indicated an interest in receiving.
IV. Upon the request of any person the secretary of state shall provide, within 24 hours, an oral confirmation of the filing of the form described in RSA 439:2 followed by a written confirmation.

Source. 2001, 102:32, eff. July 1, 2001.