Transfer of Animals and Birds

Section 437:8-a

    437:8-a Animal Records Database Established. –
I. The department of agriculture, markets, and food shall design, establish, and contract with a third party for the implementation and operation of an electronic system to facilitate the handling of animal records.
II. The department shall maintain a reporting system capable of receiving electronically transmitted records from veterinarians. The commissioner shall adopt rules under RSA 541-A to govern methods of obtaining, compiling, and maintaining such information he or she deems necessary to manage such database including procedures for providing authorized access. The commissioner shall also ensure that the database is secure from unauthorized access or use.
III. The commissioner may issue a waiver to a veterinarian who is unable to submit information by electronic means. Such waiver may permit the veterinarian to submit information by paper form or other means, provided all information required by RSA 437:8 is submitted in this alternative format and within the established time limit.
IV. The commissioner may grant a reasonable extension to a veterinarian who is unable, for good cause, to submit all the information required by RSA 437:8 within the established time limits. Any veterinarian who in good faith reports to the program as required by RSA 437:8 shall be immune from any civil or criminal liability as the result of such good faith reporting.
V. There is established a nonlapsing fund to be known as the animal records database fund in the department of agriculture, markets, and food which shall be kept distinct and separate from all other funds. All moneys in the animal records database fund shall be nonlapsing and continually appropriated to the commissioner, and except as otherwise provided in law, shall be used for the purpose of administering and maintaining the animal records database established in this section. The database fund shall draw moneys only from grants and appropriations.
VI. Notwithstanding paragraph V, the fund shall be initiated by transfers from the agricultural product and scale testing fund established under RSA 435:20, IV, as provided in RSA 435:20, V.

Source. 2021, 91:302, eff. June 25, 2021.