Section 437-A:4

    437-A:4 Veterinarian Participation. –
I. Any veterinarian licensed in this state may participate in the program established under this chapter. A veterinarian shall file with the commissioner an application on which such veterinarian shall supply, in addition to any other information requested by the commissioner, a fee schedule listing the fees charged for animal sterilization, examination, and the presurgical immunizations specified in RSA 437-A:4, II(b) in the normal course of business. The animal sterilization fee may vary with the animal's weight, sex and species. The commissioner may, however, disqualify from participation in the program any veterinarian whose fees are deemed unreasonable. A fee shall be determined unreasonable if the fee is more than 20 percent greater than the average fee of all those who have applied to participate in the program for the following calendar year. Any application submitted after January 1 will be judged against the existing average for that calendar year.
II. (a) The commissioner shall reimburse, to the extent funds are available, participating veterinarians for 80 percent of the fee, less payment paid by the owner to the veterinarian as provided in RSA 437-A:3, for each animal sterilization procedure administered. To receive this reimbursement, the veterinarian shall submit an animal sterilization certificate which shall be signed by the veterinarian and the owner of the animal.
(b) For all animals sterilized under RSA 437-A:3, the commissioner shall also reimburse, to the extent funds are available, any licensed veterinarian of this state participating in such program for an examination fee and the presurgical immunization of dogs and cats against rabies. Reimbursement for the full cost of the presurgical immunization shall be made by the commissioner to the participating veterinarian upon the written certification, signed by the veterinarian and the owner of the animal, that the immunization has been administered. There shall be no additional charges to the owners of animals sterilized under RSA 437-A:3 for examination fees or the presurgical immunization.

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