Rabies Control

Section 436:99

    436:99 Definitions. –
As used in this subdivision:
I. "Dog" shall mean any canine animal, male or female, sexed or neutered.
I-a. "Cat" shall mean any domestic feline animal, male or female, sexed or neutered.
I-b. "Ferret" shall mean any European domestic ferret (Mustela furo), male or female, sexed or neutered.
II. "Vaccination against rabies" shall mean the inoculation of a dog, cat, or ferret with a rabies vaccine licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture. Such vaccination shall be performed by a veterinarian duly licensed to practice veterinary medicine.
III. "Own," unless otherwise specified, shall mean to keep, harbor, or have control, charge, or custody of a dog, cat, or ferret. This term shall not apply to dogs, cats, or ferrets owned by others which are temporarily maintained on the premises of a veterinarian or kennel operator.
IV. "Owner" shall mean any person keeping, harboring, or having charge or control of, or permitting any dog, cat, or ferret to habitually be or remain on, or be lodged or fed within such person's house, yard, or premises. This term shall not apply to veterinarians or kennel operators temporarily maintaining on their premises dogs, cats, or ferrets owned by others.
V. "Stray" shall mean any dog that has wandered beyond limits of confinement or is lost and does not possess any tags of identification.
VI. "Transient dogs, cats, or ferrets" shall mean any out-of-state dog, cat or ferret temporarily housed in the state for any purpose.
VII. "Commissioner" shall mean the commissioner of agriculture, markets, and food.
VIII. "Rabies control authority" shall mean the town or city manager of the respective town or city and, in the absence thereof, the board of selectmen or mayor.
IX. "Nonbite exposure" means any scratch, abrasion, open wound, or mucous membrane contaminated with saliva or other potentially infectious material, such as brain tissue, from a cat, dog, ferret, or any other domestic or wild animal. Contact with blood, urine, or feces shall not constitute an exposure.

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