Equine Infectious Anemia

Section 436:95

    436:95 Equines Imported into New Hampshire; Testing Requirements. –
I. All equines that are imported into the state shall be accompanied by an official interstate health certificate. Such certificate shall state that each equine has been officially tested and found to be negative to equine infectious anemia within a period not to exceed 6 months prior to the date of entry. The test and the certificate required under this section shall be performed, completed and signed, respectively, by an accredited veterinarian.
II. Equines may be shipped into the state for research purposes or for immediate slaughter in an approved slaughter establishment after first obtaining a special permit from the state veterinarian.
III. Each certificate under paragraph I shall be for one equine only and shall include the name and address of the owner, trainer or person responsible for the equine; in addition, it shall also include the name and registration number of the equine, if any, and sex, age, color and positive identifying marks or scars with a complete description of each.
IV. If, in the opinion of the state veterinarian or his representative, the certificate does not properly or accurately describe the equine in question, he may cause the equine to be held and retested at the expense of the owner or to be returned to the state of origin after receiving prior approval from the proper regulatory officials of the state of origin.

Source. 1985, 72:1. 1989, 12:3, eff. April 4, 1989.