Tests on Application of Owner; Vaccination

Section 436:48

    436:48 Alternate Plan. – The commissioner of agriculture, markets, and food may grant permission to adult-vaccinate under this alternate plan a herd seriously infected with brucellosis. If an owner is refused permission to adult-vaccinate his herd, he may appeal to the county approval board. A request to adult-vaccinate shall be made in writing to the commissioner of agriculture, markets, and food. The county approval board shall consist of 3 members in each county, 2 to be appointed by the commissioner of agriculture, markets, and food and these 2 to appoint a third member; all members to serve without pay or expenses at the pleasure of the commissioner and until their successor or successors shall be appointed. Whenever a person receives permission to adult-vaccinate under this section, it shall be granted under rules and regulations approved by the federal Bureau of Animal Industry and by the state department of agriculture, markets, and food. All calves raised in such herds shall be vaccinated according to such rules as are adopted for calfhood vaccination. All bovine animals in the herd shall be tested for brucellosis and reactors tagged, branded, appraised and slaughtered as provided for under this chapter before any animals shall be vaccinated. All nonreacting animals shall be permanently identified by ear tag number and tattoo mark. No animal shall be sold out of an adult-vaccinated herd for any purpose except by written permission from the New Hampshire department of agriculture, markets, and food, division of animal industry. No indemnity shall be paid on any animal vaccinated at an age older than 8 months. Any owner maintaining a herd under the terms of this chapter agrees to forfeit any and all indemnity on animals condemned and slaughtered after adult vaccination has once been started in a herd, and until such time as the herd passes at least one clean test for brucellosis and adult vaccination has been discontinued. An owner of an adult-vaccinated herd shall discontinue all vaccination with strain 19 in his adult animals on or before 3 years from the date of the receipt of application for adult vaccination by the commissioner, but said herd owner may reapply for adult vaccination under this plan at any time thereafter. The commissioner of agriculture, markets, and food may order the discontinuance of adult vaccination in any herd when, in his opinion, it is evident that said adult-vaccinated animals become a menace to other healthy herds. Such adult-vaccinated herds shall be under strict quarantine at all times and shall be subject to test at such times as the commissioner may direct.

Source. 1985, 72:1. 1995, 130:4, 5, eff. July 23, 1995.