Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program

Section 436:117

    436:117 Scrapie Certification Board; Membership; Meetings. –
I. There is hereby established the state scrapie certification board which shall administer the voluntary scrapie flock certification program, review program enrollment applications and status advancement, review situations that may result in a reduction of certification status or dismissal from the program, educate producers regarding scrapie, and review and define policies regarding the administration of the program within the state.
II. The board shall consist of 9 members, including:
(a) The Area Veterinarian-in-Charge (federal Veterinarian), or designee;
(b) The state veterinarian, or designee;
(c) One practicing accredited veterinarian;
(d) One member of the university of New Hampshire cooperative extension; and
(e) Five goat or sheep producers, with no more than 3 members from either industry.
III. Members specified under subparagraphs II(c)-(e) shall be nominated by breed associations and registries, in consultation with the Area Veterinarian-in-Charge or AVIC designee, and approved by the state veterinarian.
IV. The board shall choose one of its members who is an enrolled producer to serve as its chairperson, and may choose such other officers as it deems expedient. All board members shall be voting members. Five members shall constitute a quorum.
V. Members specified under subparagraphs II(c)-(e) shall serve 3-year terms, except that the terms of no more than 3 such members may expire in any one calendar year. Original appointments for terms of less than 3 years may be made in order to comply with this limitation. Upon expiration of a member's term, the member shall serve until a successor is qualified and appointed. There shall be no limit to the number of terms such members may serve. Vacancies occurring prior to the expiration of a specific term shall be filled by appointment for the unexpired term. The Area Veterinarian-in-Charge Designee and the state veterinarian shall be ex officio members.
VI. The board shall meet at least annually and quarterly if necessary, on or about the 15th of the month, and at such other times as it may deem necessary. Prior to any meeting of the board, there shall be published an agenda for the meeting. Minutes of each meeting shall be taken and logged as board records.
VII. Complete board records shall be kept at the department of agriculture, markets, and food.
VIII. An updated list of participating state flocks and their classification with regard to flock category shall be included in the records of the board.
IX. [Repealed.]

Source. 2001, 242:1, eff. Sept. 11, 2001. 2006, 26:1, 2, 5, eff. May 30, 2006.