Rabies Control

Section 436:107

    436:107 Impoundment of Dog Without Tag. – The rabies control authority shall authorize a pound or pounds, or shall enter into a cooperative agreement with a licensed veterinarian, or licensed animal shelter, for the establishment and operation of a pound. Any dog found off the owner's premises and not wearing a valid vaccination tag shall be impounded. All impounded dogs shall be given proper care and maintenance. Each impounded dog shall be kept and maintained at the pound for a minimum of 7 days unless reclaimed earlier by the owner. Notice of impoundment of all dogs, including any significant marks of identification, shall be posted at the pound as public notification of impoundment. Any unvaccinated dog may be reclaimed by its owner during the period of impoundment by payment of prescribed pound fees and complying with the rabies vaccination requirement of this subdivision within 72 hours of release. Any vaccinated dog impounded because of lack of a rabies vaccination tag may be reclaimed by its owner by furnishing proof of rabies vaccination and payment of all necessary and reasonable impoundment fees prior to release. If the dog is unclaimed at the end of 7 days, the rabies control authority may dispose of the dog in accordance with applicable laws or rules. If the dog is a stray, the town shall be responsible for the expense incurred. This section shall not apply to cats or ferrets.

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