Acquisition of Agricultural Land Development Rights

Section 432:24

    432:24 Release. –
I. Agricultural preservation restrictions shall be in perpetuity except as released pursuant to this section and RSA 432:25. Agricultural restricted grants shall run in accordance with the agreement between a landowner and the department of agriculture, markets, and food except as terminated pursuant to this section and RSA 432:25. All customary rights and privileges of ownership shall be retained by the owner including the right to privacy and the right to carry out all regular agricultural practices which are not prohibited by RSA 432:18, II.
II. Agricultural preservation restrictions and agricultural restricted grants may be released or terminated by the committee if the site is no longer suitable for agricultural purposes. An owner of an agricultural preservation site may request the committee's approval to release the restriction for the public good. Prior to the release of the agricultural land development rights by the committee, a public hearing shall be conducted in the municipality in which the site is located. A notice of said hearing shall specify the grounds for the hearing as well as the date, time, and place, and at least 14 days' notice of the time and place of such hearing shall be published in a paper of general circulation in the municipality. A legal notice of the hearing shall also be posted in at least 3 public places in such city or town. The 14 days shall not include the day of publication nor the day of the meeting, but shall include any Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays within said period. At least 2 committee members shall sit on the hearing panel.
III. Development rights of agricultural land purchased with public funds may be released upon repayment by the landowner of a reasonable value thereof which shall not be less than the difference between fair market value of such land at the time of such release and the fair market value of such land restricted for agricultural purposes at the time that development rights were acquired.

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