Conservation Districts

Section 432:12

    432:12 Creation of Conservation Districts. – There are hereby established, as governmental subdivisions of this state and public bodies corporate and politic, 10 conservation districts as follows: (1) each of the 10 counties within the state is hereby incorporated into a conservation district; (2) each of the 10 districts shall be known by the name of the county to which its boundaries conform. Upon the appointment of the district supervisors as hereinafter provided the districts shall become duly organized and thereafter the districts and the supervisors thereof shall have all powers and duties conferred upon them by this subdivision; provided, however, that no such district shall exercise any of the powers conferred on districts or the supervisors thereof under this subdivision until after the state conservation committee shall adopt a resolution determining that there is a need, in the interest of public health, safety and welfare, for such district to function and that a substantial proportion of the land occupiers of such districts are in favor of its operation. In making such determinations the committee may accept petitions and conduct such public meetings and referenda as it deems necessary, and shall give due consideration to the distribution and intensity of erosion, floodwaters and sediment damages, the effects of drought, need for land drainage, changes in land use, the conservation and development of the natural resources, the impact of changing climate and environment, and capacity of soil health to improve resilience on land within the said district, and to other relevant factors. From and after the date of adoption by the committee of a resolution in favor of the operation of a particular district, such district shall be deemed to be duly organized, and the supervisors of such district shall thereupon be entitled to exercise the powers conferred on them by this subdivision. A certified copy of such resolution shall be evidence of the due organization of such districts. All districts heretofore organized under RSA 430 or 430-B shall be identified as "conservation districts" and shall have all the powers and duties provided in this subdivision for conservation districts.

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