Section 431:7

    431:7 Inspection, Sampling, and Analysis. –
I. It shall be the duty of the commissioner to sample, inspect, make analyses of, and test fertilizers distributed within this state at any time and place and to such an extent as the commissioner may deem necessary to determine whether such fertilizers are in compliance with the provisions of this subdivision. The commissioner is authorized to enter upon any public or private premises or carriers during regular business hours in order to access fertilizer subject to provisions of this subdivision and the rules adopted pursuant to it, and the records relating to their distribution and storage.
II. The methods of sampling and analysis shall be those adopted by the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC). In cases not covered by such methods, or in cases where methods are available in which improved applicability has been demonstrated, the commissioner may adopt by rule such appropriate methods from other sources.
III. The commissioner, in determining for administrative purposes whether any fertilizer is deficient in plant food, shall be guided solely by the official sample as defined in RSA 431:3, and obtained and analyzed as provided for in paragraph II of this section.
IV. The results of official analysis of fertilizers and portions of official samples shall be distributed by the commissioner as provided by rule. Official samples establishing a penalty for nutrient deficiency shall be retained for a minimum of 90 days from issuance of a deficiency report.

Source. 1985, 72:1. 1995, 233:1, eff. Jan. 1, 1996.