Section 431:5

    431:5 Labels. –
I. Any fertilizer distributed in this state in containers shall have placed on or affixed to the container a label setting forth in clearly legible and conspicuous form the following information:
(a) Net weight.
(b) Brand and grade, provided that the grade shall not be required when no primary nutrients are claimed.
(c) Guaranteed analysis in the following order and form:
Total Nitrogen (N) _______ %
 Available Phosphate (P2O5) _______ %
 Soluble Potash (K2O) _______ %

(1) For unacidulated mineral phosphatic material and basic slag, bone, tankage, and other organic phosphatic materials, the total phosphate and or degree of fineness may also be guaranteed.
(2) Guarantees for plant nutrients, other than nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, may be permitted or required by rule by the commissioner. The guarantees for such other nutrients shall be expressed in the form of the element. The source (oxides, salts, chelates, etc.) of such other nutrients may be required to be stated on the application for registration and may be included on the label. Other beneficial substances or compounds, determinable by laboratory methods, also may be guaranteed by permission of the commissioner and with the advice of the director of the agricultural experiment station. When any plant nutrients or other substances or compounds are guaranteed, they shall be subject to inspection and analysis in accord with the methods and rules adopted by the commissioner.
(d) Name and address of the registrant.
II. In the case of bulk shipments, the information required in paragraph I in written or printed form shall accompany delivery and be supplied to the purchaser at the time of delivery.
III. A fertilizer formulated according to specifications which are furnished by a consumer prior to mixing shall be labeled to show the net weight, the guaranteed analysis, and the name and address of the distributor or registrant.

Source. 1985, 72:1. 1995, 233:1, eff. Jan. 1, 1996.